SureThik® Fibers are currently available in Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Sandy Blonde, Light Blonde, Auburn, and Grey.
The best results are achieved by matching your exact shade, or a shade that is slightly darker than your natural hair color. You want to match to your base or root color. If you are in between shades go with the darker one. You can also mix colors to make a custom shade. Natural Red Heads are a little tricky – our auburn is best for people who dye their hair red or have more of a vibrant red color. If your hair is a natural red, medium brown or light brown is sometimes better. Grey hair is also a little tricky – if your hair is a light grey all over the grey fibers should work well. If your hair is a dark grey it’s best to go with a darker shade like dark brown.
SureThik fibers look very natural and are very hard to detect if applied properly.
SureThik is safe and can be used everyday. SureThik® is an all-natural product, it does not contain any active ingredients than can possibly interact with or irritate the scalp. SureThik is made from super fine, high quality sheep’s wool that is soft and non-irritating but, if you are ALLERGIC to wool, SureThik fibers are not for you.
Yes, you can leave SureThik® in your hair overnight. You may find a few stray fibers on your pillow the following morning but they will not stain and will easily be washed away in the laundry.
SureThik sticks to the hair and scalp so you need to have a little bit of hair for it to blend into. If you are totally bald SureThik fibers are not for you.
SureThik fibers can be used on any length of hair but will look best if your hair is at least ¼ inch long (#2 Clipper).
SureThik fibers are water resistant. Rain will not cause them to run, stain or smear, yet it washes out easily with practically any shampoo. If you jump in a swimming pool some of the fibers will come out but, they will not run or smear they will just disappear.
It really depends on how big the area is that you are covering and if you are using the fibers everyday however, on average the 15g bottle is approximately 30 applications and the 30g bottle is approximately 60 applications.
After you have styled your hair like normal, just shake / spray the fibers over any area of thinning and then lightly pat or gently comb to set the fibers. Finish with SureThik Holding Spray If you use mousse, gel etc to style your hair use them first before applying the fibers. The fibers should be applied to completely dry hair, already styled hair. Fibers and Holding Spray should be the last step in your style routine.
No, the fibers are electro-statically charged so they will stick to the hair and scalp without using the Holding Spray however, it will increase the bond between the fibers and your natural hair reducing the chance of the fibers becoming displaced. Our Holding Spray also adds a little bit of shine – the fibers by themselves have a matte finish.
Yes however, most hair sprays contain alcohol which is damaging to the hair. It will dry the hair out, clog the follicles and leave your hair looking flat or dull. We recommend using our Holding Spray because it is alcohol free so it will not damage the hair or clog the follicles and it leaves a natural shine.
Yes, you can use any styling products you like and SureThik fibers at the same time. SureThik fibers should be applied after using your styling products.
Since SureThik® is an all-natural complex of organic protein. It is completely safe to use with topical hair loss treatments such as Minoxidil®. Just use your favorite topical treatment, allow your hair to dry and apply SureThik® for a great looking head of hair every time.
SureThik® is recommended by many hair transplant surgeons to their clients because it is completely safe and it works extremely well on hair transplants. Even if you’ve just had hair transplant surgery, SureThik® will completely eliminate the appearance of any temporary post operative thinning, scabs, or scars.
They will last until you wash them out.
Remove the cap and the sifter from the fiber bottle, twist on the applicator and it will lock in place, choose which nozzle you want, twist on the nozzle and it will lock in place, remove the plug, turn the bottle upside down and squeeze the sides of the applicator (bulb). The harder you press the more fibers will disperse.
Yes, the device is gravity fed so if you do not turn upside down no fibers will dispense.
The fan nozzle is best for covering large areas, the medium nozzle is best for spot coverage and the detail nozzle is best for small precise areas.
No, you can simply shake on using the sifter cap that is included with every bottle. However, the spray applicator will provide the most even coverage.
No, you can re-use the spray applicator and just replace the fibers when the bottle is empty.
Our hairline tool is used to create a more natural looking hairline when using the Fibers. The irregular shaped teeth eliminate unnatural looking straight lines. It also doubles as a small comb that can be used to help style and blend the fibers into the hair.
Place the tool against your head where you would like to create / add fullness to your hairline, with the irregular shaped teeth pointed into your hair, spray the fibers over this area and then pull the hairline tool away from your head.
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