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About SureThik

After 30 years of working in the medical hair loss industry, the president and founder of SureThik has treated thousands of hair loss sufferers. Owning and operating his own hair replacement clinics for 25 of those years, he saw the need and opportunity to take Hair Fiber technology to a revolutionary new level.

“After researching similar hair thickening products offered to hair professionals and consumers dealing with hair loss, we felt that there needed to be a better solution.”

Unsatisfied with the non-surgical options available to his clients he decided to develop his own products, and in 2011 SureThik was born. With one simple goal in mind; create the very best, high quality products that are unique and distinctly better than anything else in the marketplace.

With the help of some leading researchers and years of investment, SureThik has developed a whole line of professional grade hair thickening products and patented applicators now available to anyone experiencing thinning hair.