North American Hair Fiber Company SureThik  Moving Manufacturing to North America

North American Hair Fiber Company SureThik Moving Manufacturing to North America

North American Hair Fiber Company SureThik
Moving Manufacturing to North America

Supply chain and carbon footprint concerns prompt move from overseas

TORONTO February 21, 2022 – With concerns mounting about product quality, the supply chain and their global carbon footprint, hair fiber products manufacturer and distributor SureThik recently moved 100 percent of its manufacturing, processing and filling of hair products to North America.

SureThik’s hair fibers were created as a fast, easy and reliable hair loss solution. Each product is scientifically engineered for men or women with thinning hair or who struggle with thinning part lines and bald spots on the scalp and offers hassle-free solutions to hair thinning problems.

SureThik’s head office is in Mississauga, Ontario, and the company will open offices in the United States in late 2022.

Excessively high shipping fees and manufacturing challenges are chipping away at the decades-old advantages that low-cost foreign manufacturing has had over North American manufacturing.

The spot rate for a 40-foot container to the United States from Asia recently topped US$25,000, including surcharges and premiums, up from less than US$5,000 a few years ago. In addition, tight container capacity and port congestion also mean that longer-term rates set in contracts between carriers and shippers are running at an estimated 400 percent higher than before.

Also, while production costs are much lower offshore, the ingredient quality, integrity of the labeling and supply chains are not assured.

Consequently, many premium brands are moving manufacturing back to North America or Europe, where the regulations are set to a higher standard. Additionally, the global pandemic is causing many industries to switch their supply routes, shipping methods and sources of materials.

SureThik’s award-winning hair loss concealers are made of 100 percent natural keratin that simulates real human hair, so they blend in naturally and effortlessly. This means users can make their hair appear fuller in a single application.

SureThik’s proprietary formula has powerful electrostatic-charged fibers that cling to even the finest hair and effortlessly create the look of fuller and thicker hair in seconds. SureThik’s unique technology guarantees that its fibers won’t smudge, smear or clump, and it resists extreme humidity conditions without affecting the way the fibers look or affecting how much they last. The fibers allow users to keep an active lifestyle, as they are sweat, wind and rain resistant and do not come off until washed off with shampoo.

SureThik has a Hair Fiber Starter Kit that comes with a 15g bottle of SureThik Hair Fibers and a SureThik Holding Spray, along with an easy-to-use twist-on pump applicator and hairline tool to ensure users can create a seamless, natural finish with ease from home..

SureThik offers free shipping on orders of $50 or more and a 30-day, money back guarantee.

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About SureThik

After 30 years working in the medical hair loss industry, the president and founder of SureThik has treated thousands of hair loss sufferers. Owning and operating his own hair loss clinics for 25 of those years, he saw the need and opportunity to take hair fiber technology to a revolutionary new level. Unsatisfied with the non-surgical options available to his clients, he decided to develop his own products. In 2011, SureThik was born with one simple goal in mind: to create the very best, high-quality products that are unique and distinctly better than anything else in the marketplace. With the help of some leading researchers and years of investment, SureThik has developed a whole line of professional grade hair thickening products and patented applicators now available to anyone experiencing thinning hair.


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