How Do You Stop Hair Shedding?

How To Stop Hair Shedding

While it's not uncommon to lose hair strands, there are a variety of reasons why this occurs. Hair shedding problems include discovering hair strands all over your furniture, clothes, and other unexpected places. Hair shedding is inconvenient, and let's face it, the extra vacuuming isn't fun either, so you've probably wondered to yourself, "why is my hair shedding?" or "Is the amount of hair I'm shedding normal?" or "Is the amount of hair I'm shedding normal?" Let’s look and explore the reason behind of hair shedding.


Hair loss can be caused by a variety of factors. Therefore, it's vital to understanding how different hair loss types might affect you to understand the different types of hair loss.

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It's easy to become concerned about hair loss and wonder if you're going bald or if there are more serious underlying causes. What's more, guess what? When you're worried, your hair will fall out much more. So, if you're frustrated by your hair shedding, try to discover things that will help you relax. Stress has been demonstrated to cause your hair follicle to enter the shed phase of its lifecycle. There is usually a period between when your hair stops growing and when it sheds and falls out. If stress is the source of your hair loss, it is conceivable that your hair will regrow over time. However, everyone's regrowth rate will be different, and there are four-phase cycles that govern human hair growth.

  • Anagen: In this phase, it is also known as the "Growth Phase" or " Active Phase," the cells in the root of your hair divide the fastest, resulting in the formation of more new hair.
  • Catagen: This is the intermediate stage, which lasts roughly ten days. The dermal papilla shrinks, and the hair follicle detaches.
  • Telogen: This is the resting period, which usually lasts three months. This phase affects about 10-15% of hairs. A new hair begins the growing phase while the old hair is resting.
  • Exogen: This is a portion of the resting period, during which the old hair loses, and new hair grows. Hair shedding can range from 50 to 150 hairs each day, and this is considered typical.
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Over styling might include using incorrect styling equipment or utilizing too many hair products. This can harm a patient's hair and follicles, leaving them with brittle, frizzy, and weaker hair that falls out more quickly.


What about the chemicals you use daily in your hair? Could they be a factor in your hair loss? Chemical applications are another type of over-styling that is quite common. The usage of perms or chemical straighteners is a good example. But, again, utilizing these products and style processes correctly and infrequently can help lessen the likelihood of experiencing hair loss.


Many people use heat to style their hair. Curling irons or flat irons may be used for this. It is not necessary to damage the hair if you do this once or twice. However, using heat to the hair frequently, especially very high heat, damages the hair structure. The hair becomes brittle with time. It finally breaks or falls to the ground. This results in brittle hair, which is often very fine and full of split ends. Stop applying heat and allow the hair to repair to avoid this common cause of hair loss or breakage caused by over style. However, suppose you attempt to dye or otherwise over-treat your hair with chemicals. In that case, you will almost certainly experience considerable hair loss. And, once again, the only way to stop it is to cut down on the frequency.


To aid with seasonal changes, getting a haircut before the start of summer will help to eliminate dead ends that would have been further harmed by the summer sun. The longer you keep damaged hair on your head, the more hair losing and breaking you will suffer. If you over-process your hair with chemicals and over stylize it, obtaining

Regular haircuts are especially necessary since you are destroying your hair at a much faster pace, resulting in more hair losing than someone with healthier hair.

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It is important to check and make sure what you are putting on your scalp. It's possible that what you put on your body is equally as significant as what you put within it. This means that all cosmetics — shampoo, conditioner, makeup, skincare, deodorant, and so on — should be made with safe, non-toxic substances. SureThik Inc. offers Shampoo and Conditioner offer a This is a sulfate-free, deep-cleansing, and strengthening product created exclusively for men and women. Our Root Penetrating Shampoos clean and rejuvenate the

scalp by penetrating deep into the follicle without the use of toxic sulphates. Hair that has been colored or chemically treated is safe to use. The conditioner is paraben-free, revitalizing, and hydrating.

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Hair loss is inconvenient, but it is perfectly natural. If you notice that you're shedding excessively, follow our suggestions to figure out why, how to cope with hair shedding, and how to avoid it. Chemical processing, seasonal changes, and over-styling are all causes that lead to hair losing. Limiting chemical processing and over-styling are both adjustments you may make in your personal hair care routine.

To deal with hair losing, first identify the source of the problem. Is your hair shedding typical, or do you have a more significant hair loss problem? Another option for dealing with hair losing is to use hair extensions to achieve a fuller, more voluminous look while avoiding over-processing from coloring your hair. Finally, remember to be cool and avoid tension. Stress causes your body to react in ways that cause your scalp to shed more hair.

Hopefully, with these hair shedding strategies, you'll have less to vacuum and more time to focus on other things. Because you can handle anything when your hair is on point.

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