• Tips for applying Hair Fibers

    Tips for applying Hair Fibers
    Make sure your hair is completely dry Applying hair fibers topically is most effective when the hair on the scalp is dry, so either blow or air dry the hair before proceeding. The hair fibers electrostatically attach to your own hair by creating a neutral charge if the hair were wet the fibers would just clump into sections. Once applied just pat them down...
  • How to make your hair look thicker!

    How to make your hair look thicker!
    Blunt Cut A blunt cut makes hair look thicker because the ends of the hair appear denser and fuller since it adds tons of body and dimension to create the illusion of fuller hair. Style the hair by using a straightener, grab a strand of hair at the root, smooth it out, and curl it inward to add texture to the hair. Adding some...
  • 4 Steps to Getting a High Ponytail Style

    4 Steps to Getting a High Ponytail Style
    Step 1 If your hair is not wet already make sure you dampen it and apply some heat protectant spray. Quality Heat protectant sprays are meant to keep the hair moisturized, add keratin to strengthen and hair oils to protect the hair follicle but at the same time block frizzy hair. Now you can start with blow-drying the roots of your hair up from...
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