• How to Apply Hair Fibers on Bald Areas

    How to Apply Hair Fibers on Bald Areas
    What can I do if I become bald? It's the topic that no one likes to have. The terrible reality is that most people will develop pattern baldness at some time in their lives.Genetics usually determines when baldness begins and how much hair we lose. Even while most of us recognize that pattern baldness is a major concern, many men fail to take action...
  • How To Repair Damaged Fine Hair

    How To Repair Damaged Fine Hair
    You can detect if your hair is damaged by looking at it and feeling it. Breakage and split ends may be visible, as well as dry, brittle hair, a dull and lifeless style, and likely some more frizz. Accepting that you have a problem is the first step toward repairing your damaged hair. It's possible that your hair is moderately damaged if some of...
  • Are Hair Fiber Brushable?

    Are Hair Fiber Brushable?
    Accepting male/female pattern baldness isn't always a simple process. In fact, it is very common to find it difficult to accept. Many people's early reactions to hair loss include annoyance, grief, and denial. One of the most difficult aspects of properly dealing with  pattern baldness is the vast number of imprecise, misleading information available.While some therapies have been studied, validated, and even authorized by the FDA,...
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