keratin fibers

Are keratin fibers safe?

How do keratin fibers work and what do they do?

It's totally normal to lose 50-100 strands of hair every day, even though it may appear frightening!

There might be a lot of reasons why your crowning beauty isn't looking shiny if you're hyper-aware that it's shedding more hair than you're comfortable with. Stress, low iron levels, diabetes, thyroid issues, hormone replacement medication, recent delivery, or eating disorders can all cause temporary hair loss (telogen effluvium). Because male and female pattern hair loss (androgenetic alopecia) occurs in families, you may blame your present follicular woes on either your mother or father.

Keratin is a natural protein, the same protein our natural hairs are made of, therefore there are many hair products out there that include keratin as the main ingredient for all kinds of results, from concealing hair loss to strengthen hair, and even straighten it! But in what regards to fibers, keratin fibers are a very effective way to conceal and instantly thicken hair in a matter of seconds, and depending on the quality of the product you get, these should seamlessly blend with your natural hair, and last until you wash them off with shampoo.

How do keratin fibers work?

Do keratin fibers really work?

Yes! Hair-building fibers are intended to increase density in areas where hair mass is lacking. Keratin hair fibers are your secret weapon if you have thinning hair, and you don't have to spend a fortune on them. Instantly, hair thickening fibers can:

  • Increase the volume of delicate baby hair
  • Reduce the number of areas where hair is missing.
  • Patches for camouflage thinning
  • Additional songs should be covered.
  • Improve what you already have
  • In between color treatments, touch up your roots.

SureThik fibers are wind, rain, snow, and sweat-resistant and they don't smudge, smear, or bleed any dies when they get wet.

Are keratin fibers safe?


Are keratin fibers safe?

YES! Fibers are completely non-toxic and will not stain your skin or clothing. The outcome of combining these keratin fibers with your hair is a naturally thicker-looking head of hair. Because keratin fibers make up the majority of human hair, they blend in completely and are unnoticeable up close. Isn't it nearly magical? Keratin fibers, on the other hand, function according to straightforward scientific principles.

Also, these fibers have no interaction with any type of medications, can be used by all genders, hair types, and in any situation. It's safe for pregnant women, chemotherapy, etc.

Can hair fibers cause hair loss?

No, hair fibers cannot cause any further hair loss, as they do not interact with the hair follicles in any way, and they do not have side effects or ingredients that could interact with medications or other hair re-growth treatments. Hair fibers are applied and stay on the hair only, and cannot physically penetrate the follicle or the pores. Also, keratin hair fibers do not bleed any chemicals that might be harmful to the hair or the scalp.

Are there hair fibers that are not made of keratin?

There are cotton hair fibers, but it's always best to look for Keratin! Cotton fibers are of lower grade, and owing to the weight and texture of the material, they might appear artificial and powdery. Cotton fibers do not adhere to the hair as well as other fibers, and when exposed to moisture, such as perspiration, rain, or snow, they can bleed colors and smear.

Keratin fibers, on the other hand, are formed of the same protein as our natural hair, so they blend in seamlessly and appear completely natural; a high-quality one will go unnoticed. We may also discover electro-statically charged keratin hair fibers among the best keratin hair fibers on the market, which means they will adhere to the hair without the need of extra treatments and stay on until shampooed off. When exposed to sweat (yep, you may sport your thick hair even when working out), rain, snow, or any form of humidity, the finest hair fiber on the market should not smear or smudge.

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