Can Hair Fibers Cause Hair Loss?

Can Hair Fibers Cause Hair Loss?

As we grapple with the realities of a worldwide pandemic, our way of life has evolved radically as we #StayHome to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Stress levels are at an all-time high because of the radical change in the American lifestyle. Whether it is dealing with a loved one's deteriorating health, home-schooling children while working from home, financial difficulties, or continuing to work on the front lines of the crisis, practically everyone is dealing with stress in some shape or another.

The disturbance of our habits and the uncertainty of what is to come is undeniably stressful, and for some, elevated stress levels can interrupt the hair's regular growth cycle, resulting in excessive shedding and hair loss.

Stress and Hair loss: All you need to know

We all know that hair fibers are a fantastic and instantaneous alternative to long-term therapies for concealing and covering indications of hair loss and thinning, especially through these tough times! So, as you may be going through hair loss related to stress hair fibers safe to use and have no harm is any further hair loss that one may be experiencing, using hair fibers are a fantastic way to conceal.

SureThik, have taken the time to review FAQ and we are here to answer them all!

What are hair fibers made of?

Hair Fibers creates the illusion of a thick, full head of hair in seconds. Hair Building Fibers are created from the highest quality natural Keratin, the same protein found in human hair. Hair Building Fibers have a strong natural static charge that supplies a magnetic effect that binds them to even the tiniest strands of human hair. Millions of women and men's lives have been affected because of the findings, from those with fine or thinning hair to those suffering from Alopecia or enduring chemotherapy.

Also, keratin fibers are electro-statically charged, which allows them to stick to the existing hair, like magnets, without the need of adding additional products to hold them in, high-performance hair fibers are able to stay on by themselves. Keratin is natural, and it is already present in our hair.

Can Hair Building Fibers Cause Hair Loss?

Can hair fibers block my hair follicles?

According to rumors, the fibers clog the follicles and hinder capillary oxygenation, resulting in increased hair loss. The hair fibers in SureThik are not detrimental to the scalp since they do not enter the skin and hence do not clog or clog the pores. They are produced with non-harmful substances and engineered to stick to natural hair using electrostatic electricity. They do not obstruct the hair's normal development by clinging to it.

Therefore, they are physically unable to block it or penetrate it in any way. Hair fibers are safe to use by anyone and will not negatively affect the health of the hair follicles in any way. In short, no hair fibers cannot block the hair follicle or the pores and have no side effects of any kind.

Can hair fibers cause hair loss?

No, Hair thickening fibers do not include any chemicals that might hurt the scalp or hair follicles, therefore they cannot cause more hair loss or thinning. SureThik hair fibers are made from organic keratin and do not include any harmful chemicals that might harm the hair or scalp. SureThik fibers have no side effects and may be used by anybody, in any situation, on any hair type. They also do not interfere with other hair growth treatments. People who have had hair transplants, are pregnant, or are through chemotherapy can also receive help from them.

Thinning hair, hair loss, and poor hair volume may all be easily concealed using hair building fibers. While they conduct the job of giving the illusion of voluminous hair, it is equally important to support a healthy hair care routine to feed and strengthen your hair. To reduce hair thinning and regulate hair fall, you can use home treatments. Also, go to a doctor to figure out what is causing your hair loss.

Are hair fibers good for your hair?

As hair fibers are a thinning and hair loss concealer, they do not affect growth in any way, nor negatively or positively. Hair fibers are designed to conceal bald spots and other signs of hair loss instantly and effectively. but will not affect the current estate of the hair, will not make it grow faster or slower, stronger, or weaker, etc. as hair fibers have no side effects and do not interact with the hair follicle. Hair fibers will at once improve the aspect of thinning hair but will not affect its health in any way.


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Do hair fibers look natural?

Yes, particularly high-quality ones produced with Keratin, the same protein found in real hair. SureThik high-performance thickening fibers are produced from 100 percent organic keratin and come in eight natural hues to match any hair tone. Hair fibers adhere to the hair naturally and blend in so well that they are almost undetectable. SureThik hair fibers are also resistant to perspiration, wind, and rain, which is why High-Performance hair fibers are the perfect choice for keeping your thick hair your best-kept secret, since the fibers will not smear, smudge, or bleed any dyes. They stay put when you put them there!

How do I get hair fibers off my hair?

Simple, wash your hair with your favorite shampoo. If you want to reapply your fibers, completely dry and style your hair before applying them again, and voila! Your fibers will last until you wash them off.

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