How To Apply Hair Building Fibers

How To Apply Hair Fibers

Men's hair loss is so widespread that up to 85% of men will have significant thinning or balding by the age of 50. Hair loss may affect everyone, although it is more common in males than in women. Many men, however, will hide their hair loss beneath hats or leave it untreated. It's crucial to keep in mind that there are solutions that work. Get the information so you can make the best choice possible when it comes to hair restoration.

Read and learn how you can apply this product for best results.


 Just to recap on our pervious blog, it is important that you keep in mind on some key things you must look out for when choosing the correct hair fibers. Some tips that may help with narrowing your choices are making that the fibers consist of a high-performance formula, which will not only help them last longer on their own but will also ensure that they won't smear and smudge when you sweat or are exposed to rain, humidity, wind, and other elements. Making sure that your fibers are made from keratin and not cotton, which can certainly effect on its quality.

SureThik Hair loss Fibers are constructed of natural organic keratin that is also electrostatically charged, letting them to blend in with your hair organically and remain in place all day.


Hair building fibers are available in 8 ranges of colors. Choose the one that most closely resembles the color of your natural hair. You may also combine two colors to achieve the finest color. It's assured that if you use a little ingenuity, you'll be able to accomplish your dream appearance.

Fun Tip: The finest results come from matching your identical shade or a slightly darker shade than your actual hair color. You'll want to match your base or root color. If you're torn between two colors, go with the darker one. You may also mix colors to make your own shade. Our auburn is ideal for those who dye their hair red or have a redder than natural hue.

How To Apply Hair Fibers


The question of “should I apply the hair loss fibers on wet or dry hair?” is something that can be difficult to manage. Hair building fibers must ensure a consistent dispersion, it must be applied to dry hair; this prevents the fibers from clumping on the scalp. With dry hair, you may take use of the fibers' electrostatic charge to build a strong bind with natural hair and supply a good grip.

Static electricity helps the hair fibers stick to the existing hair. It is recommended that the hair fibers be applied when the hair is dehydrated for the best adhesion. Furthermore, when applied to wet hair, the fibers may become lumpy.


To use SureThik fibers on a big area, gently shake the container to let the keratin powder to travel through the sieve and land on the hair their electrostatic charge will lead them to cling to the natural hair, instantly giving it a fuller look.

In addition, rather of applying a large number of hair fibers all at once, apply them in layers over time. To distribute the fibers, apply a coating and spread it out with your fingers, or softly brush the hair with a coarse brush. Decide whether added fibers are needed and, if so, apply them. This should be repeated until you are happy with the results.

Large area: To use hair concealer on a big area, gently shake the container to let the keratin powder to flow through the sieve and land on the hair: their electrostatic charge will lead them to cling to the natural hair, instantly giving it a fuller look.

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How Do I Apply Hair Fibers
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